Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Li'l Lincoln!!

Even though the post is a little late (and you'll forgive a couple of newbie parents for not finding time on the day of delivery to send pics and emails, make a thousand phone calls, keep a new little person alive, find time to see a few patients, AND post the blog), the little guy was right on time! His "by-dates" due day was 09Dec2009...and that's when he jumped out.
Weighing in at a respectable 7.25lbs and measuring 18.5 inches from stem to stern, he's the tiniest Fountain of whom we are aware (his brother the little-black-cat weighs in at just under 10lbs and His big sister Nilla is an 85lb slobber-monster).
We got his tiny little feet printed and a snazzy birthcertificate handed to us, and bugged the staff until they sent us out a day early.
Mom's doing very well and Lincoln is super-duper sweet.
Pics and videos to follow very soon.
For now, I'm just grateful for the five hours of sleep we each managed last night.

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