Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Lincoln got to meet another uncle tonight! How exciting is that?! We got a phone call followed by a face to face skyping with Sr. Don Manolo de Celi del Popinov. Even better than that, Don Manolo (who is visiting this country from his native China) was kind enough to perform a KungFu demonstration! Needless to say, when you are only 7 wks old, that can be pretty scary! Don Manolo took the time to explain to Lincoln that the sort of raw power he had just witnessed should only be used against Evil Ninjas, Outlandishly Large Reptiles/Dragons, or people who lower physician reimbursement by 21% or more.
To this we say, "Vive! Vive, Don Manolo...en sus panalles....con sus'l otro lado. Siempre, pa'l otro lado. Y por eso tengo el alma....y... por... eso! Vive."
Gracias a Dio por hombres com El. Mi hermano...las pumas.

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