Thursday, October 28, 2010

Picture post

After a grueling travel day, which extended into two days, with an overnight drive from Atlanta home, we have made it and are glad to be back.  We had a ton of fun, and love San Francisco.

The first two days were cold and wet, but after that we could not have asked for better weather.  The skies were blue, and the temps were mild.
We took a sail boat around alcatraz, and near the golden gate bridge.  Lincoln had a blast, and slept most of the time.  As for the sea lions at Pier 39, he was mesmorized, I could not get him to look up for the camera.  He was locked on those crazy animals!

He loves playing at the park, no matter what sort of equipment is there.  These crazy heads made for fascinating play objects.

The Golden Gate bridge was great, we walked out to the first post, and had a great view of the city.  It was brisk, but we made it around a walking trail so we had a view of the pacific ocean too.

This is the last street car that we took, back to the hotel so that we could pack up our stuff and head home.

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